Terms for Exchangers

Terms & Conditions for Exchanger.

  1. To be pearlvine exchanger,user has to be activated member of pearlvine system. To become an exchanger of PV mynt system, it is mandatory for any user to become an active member in the system.
  2. User has at least 2000$ in his/her pv mint wallett.
  3. User should be capable to purchase at least 2000$ at one time.
  4. Active accounts should be available in net banking or other wallets and the user should be aware of transictions bymeans of banking and other walletts.
  5. On request of sale/purchase of any user,currenccy/dollar has to be deposited first in exchanger account.exchanger has 24 hours maximum to transfer the demanded currency/dollars and in exected accounts or wallett.
  6. Any exchange can be canceled by informing or notifying the condition of any irregularity, And ID blocks can also happen.